Hosted VoIP is an easier and more cost effective way to manage your telephony

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system means connections are made over the internet instead of through a telephone line, enabling you to have everything a traditional phone system provides, but with one difference: it's hosted in the cloud.

Daisy’s Hosted Voice Select (HV.Select) delivers a truly market leading hosted VoIP proposition. Fully cloud based, so you spend less money on hardware and maintenance, while having access to enterprise grade functionality.

HV.Select is suitable for businesses of any size with single or multiple sites. We can scale from the very small single office to multisite networks or indeed large corporate headquarters, providing seamless, reliable, predictable and hassle-free levels of communications functionality. For those businesses with multiple sites, we provide ethernet circuits to ensure maximum call quality securely linked by our virtual private networks (VPNs). HV.Select call traffic bypasses the public internet entirely, ensuring absolute quality of service for your users.


Why Daisy for HV.Select?

  • Secure – built in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing
  • Reliable robust platform - designed in partnership with BT Wholesale – guaranteed 99.9% uptime backed by our SLA
  • Scalable – easy to add and remove users
  • Best pricing - easy monthly budgeting with generous monthly call bundle
  • No hardware – complete PBX functionality without the hardware
  • Agile workforce - enhanced mobility through seamless remote operations
  • Cloud ready – with features you can set up and manage within the cloud
  • Best reputation – more than 60,000 UK businesses trust Daisy for their IT and communication solutions
  • Best handset - our standard device provides HD communications and all handsets are offered on 100% OPEX model

Case Study

"I had no idea what a hosted VoIP telephone system was prior to speaking to Daisy. But our account manager was really helpful and explained it so simply that the cost benefits were soon very clear." - take a look at the full case study here.

To find out more about adding HV.Select to your portfolio, speak to your Business Development Manager.