EE Latest News

EE Latest News

New EE Commercial Model

EE Small Business

Daisy Distribution is committed to helping you deliver mobile connectivity to your customers, which is why for this quarter, we’re offering a market-leading revenue advance term and share payment, and a generous connection bonus on top.

Effective from 1st October 2017, we will be paying a 45% revenue share on EE Small Business mobile price plans. The 45% revenue share will be payable against both new and upgrading contracts, with an advance being paid over the full 24 month contract term.

In addition to this, we will be paying out a generous connection bonus, meaning our partners can earn even more when connecting select EE Small Business tariffs. See how this compares against our EE pack from quarter 3 2017 in the table below:

Tariff Pre-October 1st 2017 earnings Post -October 1st 2017 earnings Difference
Business Single Extra Plus 60GB £63 (24) £565.61 £717.41 +£151.80
Business Single Value 4GB £28 (24) £254.00 £279.80 +25.80

(Table shows commercials based on new connections)

Please be aware that 30 day plans, Mobile Iron, Pocket Landline, certain Mobile Broadband tariffs, and add ons will not attract the new 45% revenue share model.

Please refer to the Small Business pages in our EE guide for commercial details.

36 month tariffs will attract a 24 month advance.

All overspend and additional charges to customers billing will now be reconciled on a monthly basis and will be paid to partners at the same 45% revenue share rate. Details of customer billing will be available for download via the DPP for verification and validation.

EE Corporate

Daisy has followed the relaunch of its EE Small Business proposition in October by announcing its new revenue share based Corporate proposition.

Following a similar structure from 1st November EE Corporate connections, both new and upgrade, will be paid at a 45% revenue share rate.

In order to assist partners with the provision of customer hardware Daisy will also be advancing this revenue share over a market-leading 24 months. 36 month contracts will also be advanced over 24 months with the remaining 12 months revenue paid monthly at the same 45% rate.

Overspend will be reported monthly and will be paid on a monthly true-up at the full 45% rate. There are some tariff exceptions to the 45% revenue share rate which are highlighted within the tariff commission tables.

Daisy and EE are committed to supporting partners in the acquisition and retention of customers and through the Discount Approval (DA) process can offer assistance in securing bespoke tariffing and / or additional funding making EE a compelling and competitive proposition to propose to customers.

45% revenue share, advanced over a full 24 month term with overspend paid monthly - a market leading combination.