We believe that nothing says it better than the reviews we receive from our partners. Below is just a selection of reviews we have received.

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"I've been in the industry for almost nine years and worked with some of the Daisy team for almost that length. I can't praise the knowledge and dedication highly enough as without their input there are instances where deals simply wouldn't happen. They are able to and do give advice and assist with delivery."

 Quickline Communications Limited

"With such big changes within, what was the 'mobile telecoms' industry, and being a dealer of our size primarily selling B2B mobiles and data airtime agreements, we have had to adapt in to areas outside of our comfort zone. With the help from Daisy Distribution, with their guidance and support, we have been able to have the ability to adapt and make our company more diverse, generating additional revenue and opening new doors for business opportunities."

Business to Business Communications

"RJ Cortel Ltd has dealt with Daisy for many years now and feel they offer not just a wide ranging and competitive network and tariff portfolio, but also a high level of customer service in all aspects of business cellular account management."

RJ Cortel Ltd

"Our core business is mobile communications and account management and I am really glad we chose Daisy to partner with to help us establish and grow our business. From previous experience I knew Daisy offers a full communications product portfolio and a recognised brand and as a business we need to offer more than just mobile connections."

Brighttalk Communications

"I have worked with Daisy for over 15 years. During this time their support and guidance in terms on acquiring and retaining existing customers has assisted my business greatly. All of the staff offer support to the highest level over all the mobile networks for products and services. I am supported in face to face meetings, email and telephone discussions. The infrastructure behind Daisy is second to none to include the use of their inTouch system and prompt commission payments."

Fylde Telecom

"The benefits to us of using Daisy are that we can offer solutions for any of our clients' telecoms requirements and Daisy's attractive margins and the transparency and prompt commission payments make life easy."

Cost Containment Consultancy Ltd

"Daisy assists us in the best possible way from start to finish. The inTouch system is a massive help as I can track every stage of each sale. I would highly recommend Daisy to any reseller out there with a great commission structure and quick payments. 95% of all the customers I have got to put pen to paper go live which is far better than any Telecoms company I have ever worked for myself. This means we have the confidence in knowing that each deal is in safe hands with Daisy."

buzz business solutions

"There was previously a struggle to sell mobile and data as Compass didn't have expertise in-house. Daisy helped with this by providing a mobile specialist and account managers who were able to turn competitive data connectivity quotes round within minutes if required. As a result, Compass are now selling a fuller product portfolio."

Compass Telecommunications Ltd

"We have seen several benefits from working with Daisy. We are able to report and manage faults with the indirect team, speak directly to the sales representatives about complicated orders and bespoke tariffs and fully manage our customers' lines, meaning they are free to concentrate on their businesses."

PA Communications